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Support Programs

Veterans have told Warriors Return what they want and need. We have responded by developing a range of initiatives and programs. Covering a range of subjects relevant to the veteran including Physical Self-care, Emotional Self-care, Spiritual Self-care, Lifestyle and People Support, our programs are cutting edge.


  • The “Buddy System” is widely known by all Veterans. In this program we carefully link two Veterans with similar issues to support and look after each other.
  • Mateship is a very strong motivator for Australians and a commitment to their buddy, for many Veterans, is enough motivation to stay on top of their own issues. A ‘Battle Buddy’ has your back, no matter what. You cover each other as you advance and cover each other as you withdraw.
  • A ‘Battle Buddy’ means when things start spiraling out of control you have a trusted mate to reach out to who knows what you are going through and can bring in more help.
  • A ‘Battle Buddy’ is your sounding board when you are having a really bad day.
  • A ‘Battle Buddy’ is the one you trust to give you honest advice and who you empower to call in extra help if things aren’t going well.
  • This program has directly decreased the incidence of Veteran suicide.
  • If you would like to register you and your Battle Buddy with us OR you would like us to find you a Battle Buddy send us an email at (Email Loretta by clicking here)


The Spartan Pledge is the “contract of mateship” that you and your Battle Buddy take out with each other.

The Pledge is the basis of the Battle Buddy relationship, it empowers both Veterans to actively look after each other, it acknowledges that suicide is a real problem within our community and it focuses Veterans on finding a meaningful purpose in life – a MISSION.

“I will not take my own life by my own hand without talking to my battle buddy first. My mission is to find a mission to help my warfighter family.”

Take The Spartan Pledge with your Battle Buddy TODAY


Warrior Rally Points are local support groups that provide a real world, local community for Veterans focusing on camaraderie, support and assistance to each other.

Each Warrior Rally Point has a volunteer leader who coordinates the groups activities/meetings which are decided by the group in accordance with what they desire or need, however the activities are INCLUSIVE, LOW COST and EASY TO ACCESS for veterans.

Frequency – monthly. More regularly if the Group agrees this is viable.

Examples of activities of some Warriors Rally Points are:

  • Coffee morning at a cafe
  • Guest speaker to address the group on a topic of interest to all.
  • Morning group walk
  • Visit to a local landmark followed by a coffee

All activities conducted by Warrior Rally Points are alcohol and drug free.

If you would like to lead or join a Warrior Rally Point near you drop us a line at
(Email Loretta by clicking here)


Where the body goes the mind will follow.Physical health and wellbeing is an integral part of the management and recovery from PTSD and other forms of mental illness. As former service personnel we have become accustomed to training our bodies on a daily basis and in a group with our mates.

This program gives us all the chance to enjoy “PT” again with a group of veterans and conducted in a safe environment by instructors who have a military background.

Warriors Return has partnered with Australia’s leading Bootcamp Company, Original Bootcamp, to provide a FREE, Veteran specific PT session once a week in many locations around Australia. This is also open to Veterans families.

Click on the link below (BOOTCAMP) and it will take you to the Website

To book in for your session contact Bootcamp (


Veterans 4 Computers is a program designed to offer struggling veterans and their families computers at no cost or very low cost.

If you wish to register for this program (Email us by clinking here)

Carts Camel Trek

Carts Camel Trek came about shortly after Shanes passing. The Warriors Return saw the impact upon his family and friends from the Army that just couldn’t understand why it happened. In 2016, 28 serving and ex-serving veterans have taken their lives so far. This highlights that the stigma around mental health and suicide still alive and well. In conjunction with Paul Keegan, who owns the Camels in Mt Isa and Shane Carters Family the Camel Trek was created. Shane served in the Australian Army with 3RAR. Shane recently lost his battle with the black dog. This unique camel trek will be a legacy for Shane and his family, children and his mates.

CEO, Brian Freeman and Liaison Officer, Malcolm Cockburn from Walking Wounded will also be involved to help raise awareness around suicide prevention

The camel trek can be conducted approximately from March to September depending on weather. There are also other cameleers that are possibly interested in participating with camel treks

Each trek will approximately go for 7 to 14 days


  • To find a different and unique way to use the camels to promote team work, therapy and mentoring
  • To raise awareness about suicide and the effects it has upon families and friends
  • To teach veterans struggling with both physical and mental disabilities that are having trouble coping with the black dog that there is life after service. As many of us know what it is like dealing with this daily
  • To build resilience, confidence and therapy in a unique way with camels

The Imperial Camel Corps History

The Imperial Camel Corps (ICC) was formed in January 1916 in order to deal with the revolt of pro-Turkish Senussi tribesmen in Egypt's Western Desert. They are a part of our military history long forgotten. If you wish to register for this program email us Through the contact page.

Dovetails for Veterans

A work space run by Veterans for Veterans. We invite all veterans to come and learn how to make themselves a dovetailed box for their medals. Dovetails is run by Ashley Wilke you can email him on